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Escrima Online Academy

The Latosa Escrima Online Academy

Latosa Escrima is a Filipino martial arts system with focus on the cerebral and anatomical balance essential to winning a fight.

Students of the Escrima Online Academy are carefully guided by Grandmaster Rene Latosa as they venture down a path finely curated for the understanding and refinement of the Latosa Escrima system.

At the Escrima Online Academy our top priority is quality. We believe that every student deserves to live up to his or her highest potential.

Join this class today.

As a member of the Latosa Escrima Online Academy you receive the benefit of learning from the safety of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Grandmaster Latosa believes that every student deserves to further their study of Latosa-Escrima´s aesthetics, regardless of location or financial circumstance.

Start learning now.

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